Work and Life – What Balance?

In the modern day 21st century, people more than ever are looking for their ideal work life balance. People have families that they would prefer to spend their time with, rather than with their colleagues at work and most would prefer to spend more time doing activities they really enjoy such as laying on a beach drinking a Pina Colada and perhaps even getting caught in the rain.

Work life balance is important and employers are starting to get on board more than ever. Flexible working arrangements, more lenient holiday and leave entitlements. Employers may be getting better but if you’re working in a job which you hate and you’re yearning for a holiday on a Monday morning at 9 am when you just got back from Fiji on Friday. Maybe it’s not about work life balance? Maybe it’s just that you have settled for a job which doesn’t fit with who you are and what you would really rather be and should be doing?

Everyone has talents and skills and personality traits which are different from each other, as unique as finger prints. So why do we continue to pursue careers which do not add up with who we truly are?

There are answers to this but the answers are less important when you know it’s just not meant to be. Instead of thinking about all the reasons why it’s not right, why can’t we just accept that it’s not right and move on? Put society’s expectations to the side, your parents expectations and your friends. Because in the end it’s your life and if you can’t stand to go to work every week, you’re doing more irreparable damage to your health, wealth and the irreplaceable loss of precious time which we all have so little of. If you do what you love and what you’re good at, the money will come and so will the happiness and so will your health.

Cesar Milan “The Dog Whisperer” is a perfect example of this great success of following your passion. A boy growing up in Mexico who hung out with animals, was terribly bullied for talking to them all day long but he kept it up because that’s what he loved. Now he’s a movie star, who would’ve thought that would pay off? But it clearly did. The moral of the story is, no matter what you do, as long as you enjoy it and you’re good at it, everything will fall into place.

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This article was written by Nick Hill a content creator and co-founder at The Zen Media

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