How To Find Purpose In Work

What Is Success?

When you do something that you enjoy, it’s not difficult. When you do something, you don’t want to do and don’t enjoy. it’s work. The reason why some people are successful in their careers and some are not. Is because the ones who are successful, are following their passions. Passion turns into motivation; motivation turns into action and action turns into results.

Sure, there are people who are making millions in jobs they hate. But if they hate their jobs, does that make them successful? Success is being redefined and it doesn’t all involve money. But if you do what you love and you’re good at it then money will follow naturally.

Motivated For Survival

Motivation is something inside of all of us. It’s the thing that makes us “tick”. It’s the thing that urges you to get moving and be productive. You have a similar but more intense urge to eat and if you translate this urge to eat into your work. For example if you don’t go to work. Then you’re not going to eat. Because you can’t afford food. Because you haven’t gone to work. Aside from alternative ways of making an income, going to work is the most common.

This instinct and basic need to eat is so inherent to our survival as human beings. It is so strong that we would pretty much do anything to fill our stomachs. If you gather this urge to survive and to procreate, which is another of our strongest impulses, and focus this on work. Then you’re going to be working harder than ever. Because you have connected work to your survival. In our hunter gatherer days if you didn’t go out and catch it, then how are you going to eat it? So, it was hunt and gather or die.

When you connect those 2 objects of reality, that work is our survival then you will start treating it as life or death importance in life. When you put that much importance into your work, the job that you do becomes a more important job and your ability to take on a more serious job becomes available. Because you take it seriously and you care for what you do. Others will see your dedication and commitment and they will support you for the hard work that you do. This is just one of the results of taking work seriously.

Stepping Stones

Every job gives you the opportunity to learn something new. Every job can be a steppingstone to another job, a better job, that pays more and gives you the kind of lifestyle you prefer. Some like working outside and some like working inside. Some like physical work and some like brain work, or some like a bit of both. And whichever you prefer has no relevance to anyone else but you. It’s your choice what you do.

Some people like to clean. And the people that like to clean and clean for a living, might even start their own business, and they may become very successful at it. Because they have the passion to serve others and doing it in a way that they find comfortable. Some people would hate to do this, day in and day out, and the people doing it would say how much they would hate working in an office day in/day out. If you like numbers’ then go and do finance. If you like people, then go and work with people.

As long as you do something. Doing anything, is important. As Rumi says “as you start to walk out on the way, the way appears” in other words, you don’t know where you’re going until you’re already going.

Why Do We Do It?

With any job, it helps if you consciously come up with a good reason for why you’re doing that job. If it’s cleaning, then you can relate the purpose to how clean you have left the area. And that you are serving others to make their environment cleaner and hopefully for them to appreciate the work that you do. Even if you don’t hear the positive words of appreciation, you can at least imagine that they do appreciate it and even just a thought that if they notice how clean it is, then you can feel good about the work that you do.

By taking pride in your work and giving it a purpose, you will do a much better job. By working diligently and responsibly like this, you are learning ways which you can bring to other jobs which garner more responsibility. And with more responsibility, comes more money.

Maintaining the grind

Although motivation gives you the drive and determination to start with, it’s not always going to be there, you’re going to have bad days, days where you feel like giving up or trying something new, that’s where discipline takes over. Use the motivation to start and set the habits to get you through the rough days and get you through the grind.

What sets apart successful people from people who give up is that they put in place habits and routines to get them through the bad days.

Happy Days Ahead

Hopefully, some time in your life, you will be in a position where you can enjoy what you do. When work is no longer a chore, it is simply something you do that gives you purpose, you’re motivated to do it and essentially, you would even do it for free.

Motivation helps push us along in life. Without motivation, we become depressed and we stop functioning. We fail to take any action at all. We human beings need inspiration and reasons to do things. The most famous question of “what is the meaning of life” encapsulates what it is to be conscious intelligent beings. We all need meaning in our lives, and if we’re working in jobs where we don’t have an answer for why we do that job, then we will not succeed. We will be unhappy, and we will not enjoy life.

You can find meaning and purpose in anything and we can input purpose into anything. In Viktor E. Frankl’s Man’s Search For Meaning: The classic tribute to hope from the Holocaust , he finds a purpose in suffering in a Nazi concentration camp, surely, we can find purpose in any job we don’t like and we can always aim for more.

If we can give purpose to the jobs we don’t want to do, imagine the motivation you could have in a job you do want to do. Imagine what you could achieve when your motivation, passion and purpose are aligned.

This article was written by Nick Hill and Con Zagas Content Creators and Founders of The Zen Media

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