Mistakes and Being Yourself

Mistakes are inevitable in life. They are a necessary evil to our growth and evolution. Mistakes are made by us, they are made by you and they are made by me. When people mess up, they tend to initially, blame and point fingers to see who is going to wear the responsibility and the punishment. Mistakes are not intentional. Mistakes are mis-takes. You’ve missed the boat. You gotta take another way.

Don’t Kick Dogs

Mistakes always seem to throw you in another direction. They throw you off balance and they make you learn. Well that’s what they’re there for. If you don’t learn you will continue to face the consequences and the consequences usually get worse and harsher. This punishment could come from a boss at work, your partner or even your dog, if you don’t treat it right, even though they are eternally forgiving creatures. But mistakes are not there for you to suffer, they are there to help you learn the correct way to live, so you don’t suffer in the future. If you kick your dog unprovoked and your dog bites you, you should know not to kick your dog because only the wicked kick dogs anyway. If I show up late to work and my boss says “one more time Mr Hill and you’re gone” and I show up late the next day, the only fault and consequence would be on my shoulders to bare. Hopefully you learn the first time but sometimes you don’t.

Owning it

I’ve messed up plenty in my life and I’ve learnt a whole lot along the way. I’ve learnt to forgive myself and forgive others and also to apologise. But I’ve also learnt to be wary of people too, who do not share the same views. The reality is in life that not everyone is going to support you and not everyone is good for you or is going to like you. And part of that learning and being strong is to be able to say enough is enough and simply leave people where they’re at and walk your own way. You can’t expect everyone in this world to love you and help you and that’s okay. We need challenges, we need people who will test our character and our patience, how else would we know what we’re made of? After all diamonds are created from coal put under immense pressure.

Mistaken Identity

We should embrace our mistakes, do our best to learn the first time or we learn that there’s something in us that doesn’t fit what’s already established. If you continue to break the rules and get punished but you morally disagree with those rules, then you’re probably destined for something different, maybe you should be somewhere else, where people accept your lack of punctuality and other, more obscure traits. Unless of course you kick your dog, then you’re just a bad person. But if you’re constantly getting beaten down for reasons you can’t understand by the people around you, then go with the people who don’t beat you down, the ones that accept you, and are also a little quirky and positive and do things that expand your beliefs and knowledge of the world instead of restricting it. You’ll be much happier being weird, wonderful and totally yourself.

This article was written by Nick Hill a content creator and co-founder at The Zen Media.

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