Life, Death and The End of The World – Why it Doesn’t Matter

Everyone will die. Whether it’s from a heart attack, old age or in a spectacular ball of fire at the end of the world. People often worry that “the end is nigh” and yes it is. It is for every one of us. It could be tomorrow or in 5 minutes or 50 years. However, it’s much less the point to be fearful of the end of the world. Once you’re dead, you’re dead. You will have endured the short pain and fear of death which you probably didn’t feel due to your bodies complex and advanced nervous system that you are likely to be in shock and not feel that much anyway. However, here are some reasons to keep going…

Give Yourself The Benefit Of The Doubt

Once your dead, your dead. It doesn’t matter how it happens or if there’s an earth left at all. Now, some believe in heaven and some believe in reincarnation or absolutely nothing. I find life is much more endurable to believe that there is another destination after death. We live in a massive infinite universe of mystery and mystique and no-one really knows anything at all. I don’t, you don’t, the smartest people in the world don’t. But to have something to look forward to, makes life a much more enjoyable experience to feel that death is not the end of your achievements and hard work.

A Grounded Life? Or One With Wings?

How depressing it is to think that you work so hard getting smarter, fitter, richer just to end up in eternal blackness 6 feet below the ground. No, this is a very depressing idea and whether you believe this or not, or whether it is true or not is completely irrelevant. If believing that there is something more to life than ending up dead in a hole that makes you a happier person, then by all means, take it on as a belief.

It’s Not For Nothing

If your world is black, white and bleak and you have lost all passion and motivation to continue on. Have a think that all of this is not for nothing. If we are out here to experience life here as a human being to learn, grow and explore interesting things, life becomes less of a chore. You might be poor, you might be wondering what and where you’re going to find money for food so you can live another day and that is a horrible situation to be in. You might have loved ones who are sick and who are suffering and where do you find the strength to continue on? Is this really life? Is this all there is? Well if you think that, that’s all there is, then suicide is probably something you think about a lot. But…

There’s Always Hope

if you believe that you are learning something from this experience, be it good or bad, if you can use this to make yourself a better person and overcome these adversities then maybe it’s worth staying and maybe it’s worth living and picking yourself up in the hope for something more. The hope for a better life on this Earth.

If you have been dealt some hard cards in the game of life and if you are still here, then you are stronger than most. So, my conclusion ends to say, if you’re depressed, if you don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. If you can bring yourself to give a meaning to your suffering, to be strong in suffering and to believe that even if you die, you’ll be okay. Then please continue living.

This article was written by Nick Hill content creator and co-founder of The Zen Media

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