Growing Away from Pain

We all know the rags to riches story and people who go through adversity early in life only to become influential success stories later on. There are many reasons why these people do well, given that they survived adverse situations in childhood. And some of these reasons I will touch on in this article.

They Are Used To It

There is of course the reason that dealing with difficult situations when you are young, makes less difficult life occurrences much easier to handle because you have managed much more complex issues earlier in life. By relativity and comparison, for example, experiencing a death in the family in childhood and then as an adult. The experience of having to comprehend what that means in childhood, sets you up to be able to come to terms with another death later in life much easier.

They Always Seek Positivity

Another reason why people who experience early on in life can overcome these obstacles is because they are constantly pushing away negative experiences and reaching for better times. People have experienced poverty and the lack of something, can sometimes give them more drive to seek the opposite of lack. Of course this involves hard work, discipline and determination to get from nothing to something or from 0 to 1, but for those who began with nothing, given the ambition and the dream and the motivation, they may be inclined to pursue it further and further, to get away from the unfortunate memories of the past.

Coming To Terms

In my history of losing my father at the age of 5, I had to come to terms with death and grief at a very young age. I didn’t grow up in a religious family and so coming to terms that your father has passed away to eternal blackness and never to be seen again was quite a bleak outlook on life. I since then have discovered spirituality and philosophy and other common faiths, not specialising to a specific one.

But experiencing the death of a loved one early on in life was something that I am now proud to have survived. As Friedrich Nietzsche, the German philosopher, famously said: “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” So, by way of not perishing to grief, I have definitely become stronger. I believe if it hadn’t happened at all, I would not be where I am today, and I would not be as resilient.

Spiritual Growth

It has given me many insights when thinking about the loss of people close to you and I have come to believe that they don’t leave us at all and they still do exist and live on in another world, which now has given me peace of mind and also reduced the anxiety of the possibility of my own demise at any given time. To believe that there is continuity in life after death, gives a sense of comfort and a much less serious outlook on life which I once had. Life is there to be experienced, to be enjoyed, to love and to be loved and to grow as spiritual beings having a human experience.

Respecting The Views Of Others

Whether you believe this or not is completely up to you and I do not challenge your view, nor do I wish others to challenge mine. Spirituality is a bit like sexuality, you just accept those who are different and try to live in harmony with one another.

Be Grateful

As I have grown further away from the pains of the past, I have come to be happy and to enjoy life and to be excited about the endless opportunities and random occurrences which can happen day to day. I am always striving to be better than I was, in all aspects of life and I believe I owe it the unfortunate events earlier on. If my dad were alive today, I’m sure I would be asking him for money instead of making my own, I would possibly be complaining how hard done I am because my dad won’t buy me a Ferrari. However, I am not that person in the fictitious world of “what if?” (which is lucky) And it doesn’t matter anyway. I don’t waste my time entertaining such scenarios, whether the “what if?” is good or whether it is bad.

I am proud of who I am today and having that early interruption has helped me to grow in ways that I would never be able to imagine. I continue to strive away from memories which no longer serve me thus propelling my story further into positivity and happiness. There will always be a sadness within, but that sadness doesn’t own me anymore, the more I can fill my cup with love and light the more I can transfer that to others.

This article was written by Nick Hill Content Creator and Co-Founder of The Zen Media

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