Gratefully Entitled

If equality is so important to everyone then we can all sell our houses and cars and give half to a kid on a South East Asian Street who begs for food everyday for survival.

Equality for all doesn’t just mean equal pay and equal opportunity it would also involve each of us to give up our own personal possessions to another. We can’t expect the government to do all the work. We can teach English or another skill, split our groceries in half and give it to the hungry and homeless.

Everyone expects the government to do something but we forget that we can too…

We don’t have to have a billion dollars or a million dollars or even a thousand to make a difference. We can spend $25 instead of $50 and donate the other half. But of course that would mean going without our favourite treat and cutting down on something we normally love to have. But if we want true equality we’ll have to give up much more and these are the sacrifices we must incur. We can’t expect the government to do it all.

We cannot think that having equality in this world would make everything better. If we weigh up the poor and starving people in this world with the amount of people who are employed, who have a better lifestyle than 80% of the poorest in the world, who live on less than $10 a day. Even if the middle class distributed half of their yearly pay, we would all still be homeless.

So, Is total equality a Good Thing?

Well, that’s for you to decide. If you would like to cut your own money in half and give it away, you can do that. But if you don’t want to do that, then we should think twice of what we expect the governments and others to do.

If we’re not willing to sacrifice our own luxuries then why would we expect others to sacrifice theirs? If we give to one person, another goes without. Sure, there could be better welfare in the World and we could help the poor much more, but if this is something that the world needs right now then how about we give half our groceries to a starving family instead of first complaining to the government.

Be grateful, It’s not so bad

We are so entitled in the West that we always think we deserve more. we want our own house, we want new cars, we want more holidays. Most people in the world can hardly get by on feeding themselves each day. We have no right to be entitled. We were luckily born in wealthy countries where we are lucky enough to have a welfare system that supports us, so we don’t have to starve to death.

We should be grateful that we can rent a house or buy a house or own a car or just be able to be safe in our communities and have police and fire fighters that actually care about helping us. We have clean hospitals and excellent universities. We have the opportunity to be educated and to find employment, so we can live a life so that we don’t have to wonder where our next meal is coming from. I cannot sympathise with those who have 2 mortgages to pay, they should be grateful to afford one. I cannot sympathise with those who hate their jobs because they’re lucky to have a job at all.

We need to be grateful for everything that we have in life. We need to be grateful for our food, for your friends and family, for a roof over our heads and we also need to be grateful for the lessons that we learn. We need to be grateful in this world to be satisfied with what we already have.

We think that the billionaires are greedy but the middle class are the billionaires… in the eyes of the poor.

If we look to who is below us rather than who is above us, we will appreciate much more of what we have.

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