Creating Space

How often do you feel that the world just gets too much to handle? So many people want our time and attention. Whether it is at work, socially through friends and family, or even when we spend time out around others. It’s easy to leave yourself and your own well-being out of the equation.

This can often make us feel stressed and when you don’t have a safe space to relax and re-energise, this can be draining and exhausting. As someone who is quite introverted, this is particularly important to me. Spending too much time with others can leave me feeling drained mentally and emotionally. I am learning to find time for myself, through creating a personal safe space that is yours only. You don’t need to share this with anyone.Here are a few ways you can create your own safe space for yourself

1. Your Own Home

If you’re the type of person who is living by yourself then this should be relatively easy to create. Make it your own, decorate it any way that makes you feel good! If you are in a share house or have others living with you then create that room that you can escape to, communicate the boundaries with everyone. e.g if the door is shut unless it is an emergency you shouldn’t be disturbed

2. Take Yourself Out

Your safe space can also be somewhere out in public, this could be at a local cafe, a museum, a park or even spend time out in the city by yourself. Having your own space doesn’t mean locking yourself away from society, It just meas you can spend the time with yourself

3. Exercise

Your safe space could also include going for a run or walk, going to the gym or Yoga, mediating by yourself. Chuck on your favorite music and hit the hiking trails

4. Travel

Maybe getting out of your city or town could be the best escape! Head away to the coast or to the mountains for the weekend by yourself. Maybe there is a town you’ve always wanted to see but never had the chance. Take that adventure!

These are just a few examples of ways in which you can create your own space and reap the rewards of some “me time”. Thanks for reading.

Con Zagas

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