If equality is so important to everyone then we can all sell our houses and cars and give half to a kid on a South East Asian Street who begs for food everyday for survival. Equality for all doesn’t just mean equal pay and equal opportunity it would also involveContinue Reading

How often do you feel that the world just gets too much to handle? So many people want our time and attention. Whether it is at work, socially through friends and family, or even when we spend time out around others. It’s easy to leave yourself and your own well-beingContinue Reading

What Is Success? When you do something that you enjoy, it’s not difficult. When you do something, you don’t want to do and don’t enjoy. it’s work. The reason why some people are successful in their careers and some are not. Is because the ones who are successful, are followingContinue Reading

The Nature of Tough Love and Honesty In the modern world today, it seems that there is an ever-growing metaphorical box of “the things you don’t talk about”. I’m here to say, that those “things you don’t talk about” should be the very things that you really need to talkContinue Reading

Simon Sinek is a motivational speaker and author who writes about leadership from an individual perspective and also from an organisational perspective. In his book Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone To Take Action. Sinek discusses the concept of “purpose” or the “why” in life, and having aContinue Reading

Mistakes are inevitable in life. They are a necessary evil to our growth and evolution. Mistakes are made by us, they are made by you and they are made by me. When people mess up, they tend to initially, blame and point fingers to see who is going to wearContinue Reading

Mindfulness, what is it? And how can it benefit me? Mindfulness is the next big thing for wellness and mastering one’s mind and one’s self, despite it existing in the East for centuries, but the West is starting to catch on. Mindfulness is essentially a term used to describe beingContinue Reading

We all go through some sort of change throughout life weather it be minor changes from decisions we make during the day, to major life changes that we have no control over. They can be change brought on by months and years of planning or they can be sudden events.Continue Reading

When you exercise in the morning, you get the ball rolling, you get your body moving and you start to build up momentum and it sets you on the right track for the day. Exercising in the morning is one of the best things you can do for your mentalContinue Reading